Jake Johnson Scores Some Points While Still On The Mend

Although hoping for more, Estenson Racing’s Jake Johnson was happy to leave the New York Short Track with some points in the American Flat Track AFT Twins Championship as he continues to heal from a training injury to his right leg.

It was a big week for the Johnson family as he and his wife Jodi welcomed their daughter into the world. So all plans of resting the leg during the week between Lima and New York went out the window with the momentous family occasion. Although not feeling 100% on race day, Johnson and his crew put their heads down and continued to make progress with the Indian Scout FTR750. Johnson got a decent start in the Main Event and worked on finding his rhythm. He found some good lines to make up some time, but unfortunately, he had some brake issues before the halfway mark. The two-time Grand National Champion then shifted his focus to keeping it on two wheels, ultimately finishing 11th.


Jake Johnson – AFT Twins #5:


“I wasn’t totally comfortable with the track today, but I’m feeling better and better on the bike. We’re still lacking speed in some spots, but we’re getting there. Last couple tracks, like I said, weren’t my cup of tea. This kind of was a little bit closer to that, but there was just a lot going on this week.

“With the baby born, it was like three days of just wide open and a couple days in the hospital. It was well worth it, but I’m sure that didn’t help [the leg]. Still not 100%. I’m probably going to get checked out again on Monday just to see where it’s at and make sure nothing is totaled in there or screwed up. We’ll see how that goes and kind of re-assess from there. Hopefully have some time to rest and come back swinging at the X Games and Rapid City.”

Catch the race on NBCSN, July 15 at 1:00 p.m. ET.

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