A Pair Of Top 10 Finishes For Estenson Racing’s Jake Johnson and Kolby Carlile


Both Jake Johnson and Kolby Carlile were hoping for more at the Calistoga Half-Mile. But in the end, the Estenson Racing duo left California with valuable points in their respective American Flat Track championships with Johnson finishing 10th in AFT Twins and Carlile sixth in AFT Singles.

For Johnson, being fit enough to race was a small victory in itself after getting caught up in last weekend’s massive crash during the Semi at the Texas Half-Mile. The two-time Grand National Champion was able to have more valuable time developing his Yamaha MT-07 on what he saw as the first real race track of the season. Johnson had some great starts leading up to the Main event and some solid finishes, but he struggled a bit in the race that counted. Still on the mend and feeling sore after last week, Johnson toughed it out to take a top-10 finish.

Calistoga Half-Mile - American Flat Track - May 5, 2018

 On the AFT Singles front, the frustration builds for Kolby Carlile. The reigning champ’s night started out on top with a Heat win and second-place finish in the Semi, but he got shuffled back in the Main. Carlile feels like he’s missing a little something to give him the edge in a highly competitive class that requires you to not miss anything. Still, Carlile feels good on his new Yamaha YZ450F and looks forward to kicking off a month of Miles at his new hometown of Phoenix.

Jake Johnson – AFT Twins #5:


“The day was going kind of similar to last week. We were a little bit off-pace, but made some changes and made some improvements. In the end, kind of had to just gut it out today. I was pretty sore. I was feeling good coming into it [Calistoga], but then I didn’t really get a chance to ride or do anything this week and didn’t really get the chance to put my body to the test. I was definitely a little sorer than I expected, but I got through it. I think I just need a little more rest. Hopefully I’m feeling good this week and get to ride a little bit and then head into the Miles.”

Kolby Carlile – AFT Singles #1:


“Got my third Heat win of the year, and I did good in the Semi, too. Just, come Main event time, I didn’t have it all together. I’m not sure what I’m missing right now, but I need to find it and find it fast. I feel good. I feel like I’m riding pretty well and the bikes are good. There’s something missing, and that’s what I need to find. The class is just so stacked right now that if you’re not 100% on your A game, you’re not going to win; you’re not going to be on the podium. Right now, everyone is so fast, and people are being pretty brutal out there on the racetrack. There’s no room for anything, really. These guys are wanting to win, and that’s what it takes.”

Relive the action of the Calistoga Half-Mile on NBCSN, May 20 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

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